Saturday, May 13, 2017

I hope I have made it clear that my position is that there were two Ruby impostors in the garage on 11/22/63. The guy on the right below was the guy wielding the gun and shooting Oswald. 

And the much taller man on the left below wearing sunglasses is the one who was standing behind Detective Blackie Harrison moments before the shooting.

 So, they were two different men, one short and the other tall. What they had in common was that both wore a fedora hat and both had a cleanly razored horizontal neckline in back. But, that is all they had in common, and otherwise, they were two distinct men.

So, did they actually place two Ruby impostors in the garage? Not necessarily. The guy behind Blackie Harrison they may have just converted into Ruby as an afterthought. So, they blackened his eyes and tried to make it look like sunglasses. And they undoubted did other things to him to make him fit the role. Even the high horizonal hairline in back and the clean razored neck may be a photographic illusion, something that they did afterwards to match the short guy, James Bookhout. I don't know when the decision was made to start calling the tall guy Ruby. It may have been years later. That seems more likely to me than that they placed two Jack Ruby impostors there. 

These are not the same man;

Anyone with a shred of honesty and at least average intelligence will have to admit it. 

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