Monday, May 29, 2017

I think it is very possible and likely that they altered this image, extending and enhancing the hair of the man closest to us, in order to conceal Leavelle's eyes and also Oswald's eyes.

The Wizard notes that this image was shown at Ruby's trial. I maintain that this man's head is too flat on top, and his hair is obviously bulging on the left side. It is conveniently covering up Leavelle's eyes and hiding the fact that he was glancing to his right as "Ruby" was approaching from his left. If you look closely, you can see the true margin of that guy's head and the extra layer of fuzz they added to it, all the way around. And then on the left, there is the big bulge they added. We can't see Leavelle's eyes, but we can tell that his head is turned to his right, and it was. Other frames prove it. And Oswald is turned the other way, to his left, and his eyes are peering at Bookhout. Look how short Bookhout is compared to Blackie Harrison, who is to his right. "Sunglasses Ruby" was nowhere near that short compared to Harrison. 

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