Sunday, May 7, 2017

This image of Babushka Lady is fake. It is false. It was put into the photo. There was nobody there at that spot. Now, how do we know that? 1. We know it because she's too small. She's out of proportion with the others. Compare her size to the woman in front of her (the light-haired woman in the light clothes) and to the man behind her (the black man in the fedora hat).  She is too small. 2. Her scarf is undone, and Babushka's scarf was wrapped tightly around her face and head in every other image. The scarf was part of her disguise, to conceal her identity, and she wasn't going to undo it. 3. The very fact that it shows her face screams out loud that it's false. There are many images of Babushka Lady but always where we can't see her face. So, why would they let us see her face here? It's to mislead us. 

You see, Babushka Lady was a middle-aged woman. She was not a 17 year old girl. The Beverly Arnold claim is insane. Babushka Lady was most likely in her late 30s. But, this woman looks to be in her 50s. So, she is way too old to be the Babushka Lady. So, the FBI did this to protect the real Babushka Lady, whoever she was. And, she undoubtedly was working with them. Babushka Lady was there to get a photograph of the kill.  

The Babushka Lady is like the Garage Shooter of Oswald because in both cases, we have numerous images but none of their face. The exception is this one of BL, but the reason they allowed it is because it is false. If this were the real Babushka Lady, they would have destroyed it. 

I keep telling you that the JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event in the history of Mankind. Nothing else even comes close. 

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