Sunday, May 28, 2017

This collage shows the difference in height between the early, "catchers mitt face Ruby" who was tall and the later "Pillbury doughboy" Ruby who rushed Oswald. Fortunately, there is a man there that we can use as a measuring stick, and he is the photographer who is visible in both images. He is standing down from Ruby, meaning closer to us, where Ruby is the next person farther from us. So, that photographer is visible in both images. In the one with Catcher's Mitt, he is shorter than "Ruby". In the one with pudgy Bookhout, he is taller. There is no way that they were the same guy. And note that most of the films don't show Catcher' Mitt Ruby, and often he gets cropped out. Apparently, they aren't tickled pink about selling him any more, and I can't say I blame them for that, although I blame them for a hell of a lot, including killing Kennedy and Oswald.

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