Sunday, May 14, 2017

12:36 PM (22 minutes ago)
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So you totally disregard a co-worker of Bookhout telling you that he was
no shorter than 6 feet tall.

Was that after he threatened you with a restraining order? 

Ralph Cinque:

Yes, I totally disregard it. And, I also told Bookhout's co-worker that if he would just provide me an image of 6 foot Bookhout that I could vet, that that would settle the matter. To no surprise, he never delivered. 

There is this thing that people do; it's called lying. I know that John McAdams doesn't permit calling others on this forum liars. But, does he allow calling someone who is NOT on this forum a liar? If so, consider it done. If not, then forget I mentioned it.  

And how could he threaten me with a restraining order when he is the one who made contact? 

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