Thursday, May 11, 2017

Damon Ise Very good point Ralph
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Robert Jordan And the fact that there was not one drop of blood on oswald after he was shot proves it wasn't real, no blood on Lee or pavement when he fell. Maybe bookout used blanks?
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Ralph Cinque Yes,Yes, Yes, Robert. That is exactly what I think happened. Bookhout used a blank. And I'm not surprised because he wasn't an Elliot Ness kind of agent, wielding a gun. He was really an FBI lawyer. The whole thing in the garage was an act, and it certainly wasn't an act with Jack Ruby. They weren't working with him. They were conning him. This was a joint operation of the Dallas Police and the FBI. And immediately afterwards, the whole idea was to get Bookhout out of there sight unseen. So, he dove into the swarm of police, and they very carefully and methodically crowded around him to cover him out as he was danced out. There certainly was not a struggle going on. If they were struggling to subdue him, how long would that have taken? They would have had him in cuffs in no time. But, they couldn't stop to do that because what happens when the culprit is put in cuffs? Everyone steps aside, gets out of the way, and the culprit is plainly seen by everyone, including the cameras. So, that mob of Penguins had to huddle around him (Bookhout) until he was inside. Behold the Penguins.

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