Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Paul Stevens Great image. Graves on the left (our rt) is just sleepwalking. Oswald's face is acknowledging.

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Oswald Innocence Campaign Paul, that is such a great comment: Oswald's face is acknowledging. Yes, indeed, he is definitely acknowledging what they are about to do. Look at that look! He is looking at someone he knows, someone with whom he is involved, someone who knows something that he knows, someone who anticipates the same thing that he does. Great parsing, Paul. And how could it be Jack Ruby? How, at that point, could Oswald expect anything from Jack Ruby? What, to kill him? To free him? He would never have looked at Jack Ruby like that. He and the guy he's looking at were plotting something together. They were co-conspirators at something. That's what the look is telling us. All of that is contained in that look. And no way would he have given that look to Jack Ruby.  

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