Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why didn't Melvin Belli jump all over LC Graves for saying that Oswald wore handcuffs? He could have completely destroyed his credibility. And what could Graves have done? He's shown the Jackson photo in which Oswald is clearly not handcuffed to himself. So, what's he going to do? Deny it? 

And by the way, supposedly Oswald's left arm was down before "Ruby" shot him. So, after having his aorta and vena cava ruptured by a bullet, how exactly could he do ANYTHING? Never mind go up on his tippy-toes.

It's amazing how much you can do without blood. I guess it's overrated. 

But, getting back to Melvin Belli, did he not have the Jackson photo right in front of him? No, he did not. I bet you that Melvin Belli never really looked at the Jackson photo. I'm sure he saw it in the newspaper and elsewhere, but he never studied it critically. He never analyzed it. He never questioned the authenticity of it. He never asked whether it was really his client in the picture. And it wasn't. 

It would have made so much sense for Ruby's lawyer to sit down with him and study the images of the Oswald shooting. 

"Jack, we know you say you have no memory of what happened, and we believe you. But, we have photographs and films of what happened, and we need to look at them together because seeing them may jog your memory." 

Of course, they would NOT have jogged Jack's memory because Jack had no memory of doing it because he didn't do it. And studying the photos and films may have caused him to realize, "hey, that's not me." 

But, I bet that nobody on his team ever poured over the images of the shooting with him. 

The Wizard found a link to the entire Ruby trial.

It's going to be fun going through this. I can just imagine what I am not going to find. 

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