Monday, May 15, 2017

OH MY GOD! This guy is stupid!

BT George 

May 2

As I was pondering "Patsy Plots" the other day, a few questions about the 
brilliant strategies behind such a "plot" came to mind. 

For instance, why on Earth "they" would go to great lengths to frame 
Oswald with a rifle that he either never owned, never ever practiced with, 
or that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn anyway since it was 
allegedly so bad (take your Patsy-framing CT pick) rather than simply 
framing him with a rifle that he had owned,(Uh, because he didn't own one?) had practiced with, (Uh, because he hadn't been practicing?) and was a reliable and good weapon (Uh, because he was poor and could only afford the cheapest weapon, if he had ordered one, which he didn't?) is beyond me.  And if someone says they couldn't 
because LHO never owned any rifle at all, then I'd say it is equally 
beyond me why "they" chose to frame a non-gun owner. (Uh, because it was a little far to make it that he threw a knife at Kennedy? They figured that by producing the phony paperwork from Klein's and the phony Backyard photos that it would make Oswald look like a liar, and don't killers often lie?)

But hey, that's not the least of their stupidities, 'cause "they" also 
apparently chose to shoot at Kennedy from multiple directions and with 
different weapons (Uh, don't you have to use different weapons if you're going to shoot from multiple directions?)  which "they" then had to bring more plotters into the 
plan at the autopsy to conceal and cover up that glaringly apparent fact, (Uh, couldn't they bring in as many people as they needed?)
instead of just choosing one really good assassin shooting from the right 
location, with the right kind of stuff. (Uh, aren't shooters known to miss or not hit their target properly or hit the wrong target? I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first shooting to go awry.)

But still not content with mere bone-headedness, "they" decided to let 
their Patsy roam freely on every floor of the TSBD *but* the 6th floor 
(the one place anyone with a brain just "knows" he never was) just begging 
for him to go out and join the other workers to watch the passing parade 
and/or be seen inside by any number of witnesses who could have easily 
supplied him with an alibi.(Uh, he did go out and join the other workers to watch the passing parade. But, how could they restrict his movements without tipping him off? Afterwards, he realized he was a patsy, but what if he realized it before?)And for the coup de grace of "brilliance" 
"they"  let him live a couple of days in police custody where he could be 
paraded in front of the world's press and potentially be singing about all the 
ways to verify he was being set up! (Uh, they hoped he would be killed in the theater, but it didn't work out that way. Then it took a couple days for them to set up a circumstance for him to be killed in police custody. You figure that when he didn't die in the theater they should have strangled him in the police car?) 

A master plan indeed! 

BT George 

(Uh, shouldn't your name be BS George?)

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