Monday, May 15, 2017

This is a continuation of the discussion of Oswald's shirt, but the bottom line is this: Oswald's shirt was uniquely Russian. He brought it back with him from Russia. It was not an American shirt. However, from the beginning and all along, they have been displaying American shirts to us, that is, standard American shirts. But, Oswald's Russian shirt was different, being made of soft, pliable material, including the collar and including the placket down the middle. And that's what enabled it to fold over and look like the lapel of a jacket. There are no American shirts that do that; not then, and not now. They had to hide that fact. So, they have been throwing American shirts at us and changing them repeatedly but never once showing us Oswald's actual shirt. That's because OSWALD'S SHIRT WAS HIS ALIBI; he was wearing it in the doorway.

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