Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why did Jack Ruby go to the police garage? Do you realize that that has never been satisfactorily answered? 

He didn't go there to shoot Oswald. He couldn't have. He knew Oswald was expected to be transferred at 10:00, so if he intended to shoot Oswald, he would have gotten there by then- or before then. And he had no way of knowing about the delay. How? Nobody could call him. They didn't have cell phones then. Moreover, he brought his dog along, and if he knew he was going to shoot Oswald, he'd have known that he wasn't going home, and rather than bring a dog along, he would have made arrangements for his beloved dogs.

So, why did he go there? The only thing he said about it was that he saw the people gathered at the Main Street ramp and that that attracted his curiosity.

But wait. Why were there people gathered at the Main Street ramp? I can understand why people were gathered at the Commerce Street ramp because Oswald was going to be driven out that ramp. Remember that they had a Brinks truck there, which they backed into the entrance of the Commerce Street ramp, and you could see it there. Then, the plan became that they were going to use that as a decoy and put Oswald in a police car driven by Detective Dhority. Of course, they knew very well that that was never going to happen. But, the point is that all the action was on Commerce Street; not on Main Street. 

And here is another important but rarely mentioned fact: the ramp was one-lane and one-way, and it went from Main to Commerce.

So that was shot from Main Street. You see the cubby-hole on the right where the action took place, and beyond that it leads out to Commerce. You see it has STOP in large letters. You see that it has tire tracks which have darkened the road; and it's only one track. So, it's obviously one-way. Therefore, there was NO CHANCE that those people gathered at the Main Street ramp were going to see Oswald. So, what were they doing there? What were they gathered for?  

It's true that Officer Rio "Sam" Pierce went out that way. But, he had to because the Brinks truck was blocking the exit on Commerce. Besides, he was a cop. No one was going to arrest him for going the wrong way on a one-way road. But, he was there, I suspect, just to distract Roy Vaughn, that is, to create the illusion of distracting Roy Vaughn, so that Ruby "sneaking" in could be sold. You see, Vaughn stepped into the street to help Pierce get out; he needed help, you see. It gave Vaughn an alibi for not stopping Ruby.

But again: why Why WHY were people gathered at that ramp? I suggest that they were all police plants, that it was NOT a spontaneous crowd. The story became that Ruby, who had no intention of doing anything but transact business at Western Union, decided to check out the ramp because there were people there. For that excuse to work, there had to be people there. Hence, they had people there. There was no other reason for them to be there. 

Still, this was a plot; a DPD plot. And you can't tell me that they hoped that Ruby would just see the crowd of people there and be mesmerized. Surely, they weren't going to depend on that. They had to KNOW in advance that he was going to enter that garage. They had to KNOW he was going to do it long before he knew he was going to do it. So, how could they know it?

I've been thinking about it for a long time, but now I'm ready to make a categorical statement. It was by HYPNOSIS. Jack Ruby must have been hypnotized. They knew Jack Ruby was going to go to the police garage because they hypnotized him to go there. 

He had no conscious plan of going there. His roommate George Senator was home that morning. And Senator was a witness to everything: the call from Karen Carlin, then Ruby's decision to go to Western Union. But, Senator never said that Ruby said that after Western Union he was going to go to the police garage. And again, why would he? Why, if Oswald was expected to be moved at 10 would Ruby expect to see him at 11:15? And other than seeing Oswald, what reason would Ruby have had to go to the police garage on a Sunday morning? For what other purpose? 

As always, when I get an idea, I want to see if anybody else got it before me, and in this case, somebody did. Here is an article from Rense about Ruby being a Manchurian candidate.

Of course, the article proposes that Ruby was programmed, through hypnosis/mind control to go there and shoot Oswald. And maybe it's true. But, it doesn't mean that Ruby actually shot Oswald. He didn't. The Garage Shooter was Oswald was James Bookhout. 

And it makes no sense that they would hypnotize Ruby to shoot Oswald and actually let him go through with it. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS TOO DANGEROUS. It could easily go wrong. Someone else could get hurt- or killed. They weren't going to take a chance like that. 

The people at the Main Street ramp were all police plants and NOT spontaneous gatherers. And the people at the bottom of the ramp were all police plants too and not regular newsmen. This had to happen beforehand. It was well before 11:15. It may have been 10:15. 

So, they programmed Ruby to GO THERE, but did they also program him to shoot Oswald? Well, if they did, they must have made sure his gun was empty. We know that no shot went off during this opening act which came before the headliner. 

Remember that a person doesn't remember what he's doing under hypnosis. Ruby kept saying afterwards, "it's all a blur; it's all a blur; it's all a blur." That is consistent with being under hypnotic influence.  

My hunch is that they did hypnotize Ruby to shoot Oswald, but how far it went is in question. Did he take the gun out? Did he point it? Did he pull the trigger? I don't know. But, what I do know is that they were fully aware of him, and they were ready to pounce on him the moment he began to act.

Another interesting question is whether Oswald was there. Ruby reported not recognizing anyone in the garage. But, Ruby knew many cops who were in the garage at the televised shooting, including Blackie Harrison, Jim Leavelle, and more. So, were they not there? Did they have different people there when Ruby was there? And if they weren't there, then maybe Oswald himself wasn't there, and they used a double instead. That's entirely possible. 

All of this happened before the televised shooting. Then Ruby was hastened away to the 5th floor- out of sight. With that out of the way, they could get on with the main act, which was the ruse seen on national television. 

Jack Ruby MUST have been HYPNOTIZED. It's how they got him to the garage. But, they weren't stupid enough to have a hypnotized person fire a loaded gun. Remember that they themselves, the Dallas Police, were in harm's way. There is no way they would have let Ruby actually do it, fire a live round. They didn't need him for that. They needed him only to take the blame for it. Jack Ruby was framed, just like Lee Harvey Oswald was framed, except that they went about it in a radically different manner. Lee Oswald was NOT hypnotized; Jack Ruby was.     

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