Monday, May 8, 2017

Do you realize that immediately, from the very beginning, that Dallas Police addressed Ruby as "Jack"? Name one other time, in the annals of crime, that police upon arresting a murderer addressed him by his first name. But according to multiple testimonies, it was:

 "Jack do this, Jack do that, Jack take off your clothes, no not just those, your underwear too. That's right: everything. You murder someone, you have to wear regulation underwear. That's the rule around here."

Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. Why did they do that? Why so friendly to a killer? Well first, he wasn't really a killer, and they knew that. But second, they knew that he liked the Dallas Police, and it was more than that. He worshipped them. So, if they told him that he shot Oswald, he had to believe them because the Dallas Police would never lie to him. They were his friends. He could trust them. He could always trust them. So, he must have really done it if they said he did. And they did say he did. 

So, they buttered him up after the Oswald shooting. They always called him Jack. It's reported that they played cards with him. I wouldn't be surprised if they let him win.  

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