Friday, May 12, 2017

I don't hear much from my bloodied enemies any more in the cesspool that is JFK assassination research. I'm sure they hate my guts as much as I hate theirs, but they don't like to tangle with me too much any more. And it's for good reason because every time they challenge me, they provoke me, which causes me to write more, to expound more, and advance the truth more. It energizes me when they do it. It gives me a shot in the arm. I am a fighter by nature, and I don't back down.

So, let's look at this issue of what Jim Leavelle said and what he did. Bpunk wants to fight about it, so let's do it. I'm all for it. 

It starts with what Jim Leavelle said on 11/24/63, which you can listen to right here:

Leavelle said that he saw "Ruby" as he emerged from the crowd and that he saw the gun. That's Lie#1. He said that he tried to jerk Oswald behind him. That's Lie#2. Then he said that he reached up and caught a hold of Jack Ruby's shoulder "and shoved back on him." And he demonstrated it. 

That's Lie#3. He never did it. He said he did it simultaneous with pulling back on Oswald, but he never pulled back on Oswald either. Then, Leavelle claimed that "Ruby" tried to fire the pistol again. That didn't happen either. So, that's Lie#4. 

Now, what did Leavelle actually do after the shot was fired? He did absolutely nothing before the shot was fired. He deliberately looked the other way before the shot was fired. You can plainly see below that it is within a fraction of a second of the firing, and Leavelle is nowhere near "Ruby." He isn't even looking at "Ruby". And he certainly hasn't jerked Oswald anywhere. So, every last thing Leavelle said was a lie. 

But, according to bpunk, Leavelle eventually got around to grabbing Ruby's shoulder (in the scuffle that followed) and that, therefore, exonerates him. But, let's look at it because bpete is a paid cyber hitman (as well a street hitman who commits crimes against truthers like me). So, what did Jim Leavelle do to engage the Garage Shooter after the shooting? 

First, note that Leavelle said that he "shoved" on "Ruby's" shoulder. He never said he grabbed it. He said he shoved it. The purpose of shoving is to shove somebody off; to push him away. The purpose of grabbing is to restrain someone; to exert control over him. So, there is a big difference between the two. Leavelle said he shoved, and there is no evidence that he ever did that at any time. But, did he grab "Ruby's" shoulder?

No, he did not grab "Ruby's" shoulder. And I put "Ruby" in quotation marks because "Ruby" was really FBI Agent James Bookhout. There is no way that Leavelle grabbed Bookhout's shoulder. And that's because Leavelle was not interested in grabbing Bookhout's shoulder. What interested Leavelle was to GET BOOKHOUT'S HEAD DOWN. He was interested in Bookhout's head; not Bookhout's shoulder. And that's because the head is where the face is, and exposure of his face would have revealed that he was not Jack Ruby.

So, this was post-shooting, and the first contact that Leavelle makes with "Ruby" can be seen below. In the lower left hand corner, it is Leavelle's hand that we see. Now, it's going to "Ruby's" shoulder but only incidentally. The shoulder was not his destination. He wasn't grabbing for the shoulder at all. 

In the next frame, we can't see Leavelle's hand, but presumably it is at the front of "Ruby's" shoulder. 

Next, Leavelle's hand passes over the top of "Ruby's" shoulder, but it doesn't stop there.

Leavelle keeps going with his hand until he gets to the nape of his neck. That was his target all along. The thing he was grabbing for was not the shoulder but the nape of the neck.

And here he is pushing the head down. Why? Because the man was James Bookhout, and it was very important that his face not be seen.
And Leavelle keeps bearing down on the nape of his neck; he really leans into it.

Leavelle is grabbing Bookhout by the nape of his neck, and he is pushing him down to get him out of sight. His contact with the shoulder is incidental. 

So, I stand uncorrected because I wasn't wrong. Jim Leavelle never shoved "Ruby" on the shoulder, nor did he ever grab "Ruby" by the shoulder, and note that he never claimed to grab him by the shoulder. He only claimed to "shove" him which he NEVER did. After the shooting, he grabbed him by the nape of the neck and pushed him down. That is what happened, and that is what I said happened. And the reason he wanted Bookhout's head down is because he was Bookhout. They had to cover Bookhout up. Bookhout dove into the swarm of police to get covered up, and Leavelle and the others obliged. They were all working together, and that's what we are looking at here. 

People, there is a war going on; a very vicious, nasty war, in which crimes have been committed, including crimes against me. The JFK assassination isn't over. They are working it as hard today as ever before. Maybe harder than ever before. And that's because of the internet. They have got ops and shills and hitmen like bpete not just in the U.S. but in the U.K. and even in places as far away as Australia. And why? Because the revelation of JFK truth is just as much a threat to the U.S. government today as it was before. I know that the organization of these JFK hitmen like bpete is connected to the U.S. National Archives. And it makes sense. I can see why. And it's because they are the ones who hold the evidence from the case.  The National Archives has been at the hub of JFK suppression all along. Look at this: it's Oswald's shirt on display by the National Archives in 1995.

Then, 18 years later for the 50th anniversary, they put his shirt on display again, except that it morphed into this:

Note that those shirts were definitely not the same shirt, and I doubt that either one was Oswald's. 

But, this is how they are fighting the war: with crimes, with lies, with false evidence, and a ton of neverending photographic fraud. 

Hey, bpunk. This post only exists because YOU opened your mouth. You provoked me, and this is what you got. You want to keep going? You want to keep provoking me? Go ahead, punk. Make my day. 

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