Monday, May 15, 2017

This image here shows the pockets on Oswald's shirt better, that is, compared to the other images. And as expected, they are equal. 

So now, let's look at the Newseum shirt again.

That is an inexplicable and indefensible difference, and I challenge anyone to produce another shirt with such an unexplained disparity in the pockets. 

Here is another image showing Oswald's shirt, showing how subtle the pockets were. 

And here's one more:

It's interesting how on this one, his right pocket on our left stands out more than the other one which is extremely faint. But, undoubtedly, his pockets were equal, and there is no excuse for the disparity we see here.

And note that from what we are seeing here, even the shape of the faint pocket on the left is wrong. On the right the pocket appears very wide, with short length and an oval shape. But, on the left the faint pocket seems much longer than it is wide, and we don't see any of the ovalness at the bottom.

So, there is no defending this. It is NOT Oswald's shirt. Oswald's shirt was made of a soft material that folded over very easily. It's not true of that shirt. What do you think would happen if you folded the collar? As soon as you let go, it would pop back. It would never do this:

Look at the way it's folded over, from the collar on down, like the lapel of a jacket. American shirts don't do that; not now, and not then. This shirt couldn't do it:

Obviously, it couldn't do this.
Go to your closet right now and try to get any shirt you have to do it. The stiff collar and hard placket prevents it from happening. This shirt below is a standard American shirt. It couldn't possibly do that. 

But, this is a Russian shirt. Oswald got it when he was in Russia. Even Marina has admitted that he brought it back with him from Russia.

So, the big lie, which they have been telling for 53 years and counting, is that Oswald wore a standard American shirt such as this one:

 But, he did not wear such a shirt. He wore a Russian shirt, with soft, pliable, bendable material, that gave it the look of a jacket.

Are you aware that several people described Oswald's shirt as a jacket? One of them was Officer Marrion Baker, who was the first person to see Oswald after the slaughter on Elm Street. Baker described Oswald's shirt as a brown jacket. 
And it's understandable that he would. Doesn't it look like a jacket? 

And it's hardly surprising that Baker did not recognize this shirt, which is another standard American shirt and not Oswald's shirt.

Lies, lies, lies. Blood, blood, blood. And the bloodied continue to kill John Kennedy each and every day, with many being paid to do it. And they are still committing crimes to suppress JFK truth. Will they kill again? They have killers in their employ, I know that. I wouldn't put it past them to kill again. And I live every day of my life in full awareness of that.  

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