Friday, May 5, 2017

How many differences, or what I call "disconnects," does it take to establish that they are two different men? Just one. One does it. But, look how many we have here.

1. Look at the clean-shaven neckline on the left and the scruffy neckline on the right. That is glaring. That is polar, the difference.

What kind of evil person claims they are the same? 

2. Look at the distance between the sideburn and the ear. On the left, it doesn't even look real. How could anyone have the much distance?

But, the point is that Ruby certainly didn't have that much distance. So, it can't be him. 

3. Now compare the ears. Is the ear on the left even a natural ear? How could anyone claim that that is Ruby's ear? 

4. Now look at the prominent vertical folds on the man's face on the left that are completely absent from Ruby on the right. 

5. Now compare the noses. Ruby's on the right looks more pointed, but the nose on the left has an impossible angle. It is rising straight up. It would have to change direction to get to the bridge of his nose. It looks like one of those fake Groucho Marx noses that somebody wears. 

That guy is obviously not Jack Ruby, and anyone who says he is is spewing bile and fire as they do the work of Satan. There is real wickedness involved in claiming they are the same man. It is evil.  

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