Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's been pointed out by a friend that the guy being allowed in at the beginning of this clip looks uncannily like Oswald.

I realize we are just seeing him from behind, but he seems about the right height, with a slender build, and wearing a shirt that reminds us of Oswald's. Of course, he is not Oswald, and nobody in this clip is who he is supposed to be: it's not Lovelady; it's not Williams; it's not Arce. The whole thing is fake, and they are all actors. The whole clip is an FBI creation. But, it is curious why they would write it this way. Who is that guy supposed to be being let in? So, it's a police checkpoint 15 minutes after the shooting. So, who would they let in? He's obviously not a fellow officer. He's not an FBI agent. They wouldn't be letting a reporter in. The only thing that comes to mind is: an employee. But, if he was an employee, we would know who he is. It's not like there was another employee there who was dressed like Oswald. 

Who he is is: nobody, because the whole thing is fake. So, don't even waste time trying to actually identify him. All we can do is wonder what they were thinking when they made this goofy thing. Why would they put an Oswald lookalike in it?

Well, let's consider: they put a Lovelady lookalike in it, even though Lovelady was definitely not there at the time. They put a Bonnie Ray Williams lookalike in it, even though he could not have been there at the time. And, they put a Danny Arce lookalike in it, and he couldn't be there either. They put an older guy in a fedora hat in it, and I presume in his case, that they were duplicating Fedora Man in the Altgens photo. They put an old woman in a scarf in it, and I don't know what made them do that. 

But, here's what I'm left with: Their purpose in making this was to defend the idea that Lovelady was the Doorway Man in the Altgens photo. So, they put an Oswald-like character into it, basically just to fuck with people's heads.  There is no legitimate story to explain that guy being let in. YOU NOTICE THAT HIS SHIRT LOOKS SOLID BROWN WHICH STANDS OUT IN CONTRAST TO "LOVELADY'S" PLAID. And the plaidness of "Lovelady's" shirt is the whole raison d'etre for making the clip. So, it's really just a way of highlighting Lovelady's plaid by offering something in contrast to it. And by making the guy look like Oswald, it's sending you the message that Oswald and Lovelady were dressed differently, that Lovelady wore plaid and Oswald didn't. 

In reality, Doorman's shirt does not look plaid. Plaid refers to horizontal and vertical lines crossing and forming boxes, and there is not a single box on Doorman's shirt.

The contrast there is not because the shirt is plaid. The light/dark contrast is due to light reflection and to haze and distortion from the gross photographic enlargement that it is. It's not plaid. It's not plaid. It's not plaid.

But, they thought they could get away with calling it plaid, so they set up that clip to send you the subliminal message that Oswald's shirt was not plaid but Lovelady's was. And that's why they put that Oswald lookalike in it.

Again, it is a phony clip. It isn't Lovelady. It isn't Williams. It isn't Arce. These may have been the first crisis actors.

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