Saturday, May 27, 2017


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That's not what you said originally Raff*. You said that you asked for a
picture and he said he didn't have one. Nothing strange there.

You have a co-worker saying he was no less than 6 ft. That's evidence of
him being no less than 6 feet. What evidence do you have that he was 5'

Ralph Cinque:

There are plenty of indications that James Bookhout was short: the fact that he had to stand on a pedestal to see James Hosty in the hallway; the fact that he couldn't see JFK during the motorcade because of people who were standing in front of him; the image of him following Oswald's stretcher as it left the jail office; the image of Oswald going to talk to him in the hallway before the Sat. 6:30 interrogation, and each of those images confirms the other. There is NO ONE ELSE but James Bookhout that those images could be. That a co-worker said he was no less than 6 feet means nothing. Why? Because there is this thing people do called LYING, and it is my strong conviction that that retired FBI agent is doing just that. 

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