Wednesday, May 24, 2017

An interesting sketch of Walter Cronkite, either just before or right after announcing the death of JFK. Now, why did he go along with it all? If you want to say that on the day it happened, he didn't have to think, I can accept that. But, he lived a long time after that. So, he had plenty of time to think about it. And of course, he knew there were conspiracy advocates and Oswald defenders. But, he was stalwart in his defense of the official story. So why? Well, the American "system" had obviously been very good to him. He was richly rewarded. Was he not? And what does it mean to challenge the official story of the JFK assassination? It means that you're saying that the whole American system, the whole government/media/military-industrial complex is corrupt. Because they all support the official story, don't they? But, here's the thing: for people like Walter Cronkite, who benefited greatly from being the "Baghdad Bob" of American news, it wasn't a matter of pouring over facts, studying evidence, etc. It was a matter of having faith in the hands that fed him.  It was a matter of believing in the America that had been so good to him. He wasn't going to rock that boat. It was a matter of making a swift, dismissive decision, that he was on the side of "truth, justice, and the American way" not on the side of the terrorists, I mean, the conspiracists. And nothing has changed. If anything, it has gotten worse.  

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