Sunday, May 21, 2017

There are a lot of idiots in the world, and some of them are criminal punks. Case in point:

A certain bpunked individual thinks he can claim to know that the Oswald-like figure, being allowed into the TSBD, was black. What's he going by? The color of his neck? That doesn't look like a natural color for anyone's skin. Look at the color of his hand. Look how different it is from his neck. So, the odds are very great that that charcoal-colored neck is bogus. Compare it to the color of the neck of the Bonnie Ray Williams figure. He was black. Bonnie Ray was black, and so was this other guy masquerading as him. This was supposed to be 15 minutes after the shooting, and Bonnie Ray Williams was definitely NOT out in front at that time. He said in his testimony that he and Jarman and Norman were detained by police when they came down the stairs from the 5th floor, and that "the police wouldn't let anyone go outside." So, that can't be him even though it's supposed to be. And it can't be Lovelady either because Lovelady left immediately with Shelley for the railroad tracks. And after looking around briefly, they returned to re-enter the building through the back door. And then they were in there for a long time, first guarding the freight elevator, by order of Roy Truly, and then taking police on a tour of the 6th floor. There is NO CHANCE that Lovelady was milling around out in front at the time this clip corresponds to. 

I repeat: The purpose of placing the Oswald-like figure into this phony clip was to provide contrast, a solid pattern in contrast to Lovelady's plaid shirt. 

As for Oswald's shirt, it really wasn't solid; it had a fine, grainy pattern. 

The contrast varied a lot among his pictures as to how much it showed. I wouldn't call that plaid because the lines aren't distinct enough. But, there was definitely variation there, and depending on the lighting, it showed a lot or a little. What we are seeing on Doorman's shirt is Oswald's fine pattern plus some light reflection and generalized distortion from the gross enlargement.

That is the same guy. You can see how much the faces resemble each other. You can see the same shirt, worn the same way, over the white t-shirt. That is Lee Harvey Oswald on both sides of the collage. The brasher contrast on Doorman is due to haze, distortion, and light refection. 

So, you lose again, Punk. You've yet to win. I always get the last word. Then, you move on to something else, but you get defeated at that too. You can't win. You can never win. That's because I'm right, and you're wrong. You are defending the indefensible. Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway when President Kennedy got shot. If you don't like it, you can always go commit some more interstate crime. But, I don't suggest you try it against me again. I really don't. 

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