Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The top image are the actual handcuffs that Oswald wore; not in the garage, but over the weekend prior to that. But, they were all the same, and that is how they looked, the standard-issue police handcuffs. So, why does it look so different in the Jackson photo? So thick? So porcelain in color? Also, Oswald's thumb is on backwards. And it's going the wrong way. Also, "Ruby" is firing the gun with his middle finger on the trigger. But, I digress. We'll stick to the handcuffs. Note that Leavelle's cuff is supposed to be way up his sleeve. Do you see the ring there that bulges? That 's supposed to be his cuff. But, look at Oswald's cuff because presumably it was identical to that. Could a sleeve get over that cuff? How?

How could a handcuff get up his sleeve? Do you think it could happen to this guy?

 And remember that we're not talking about getting it up your sleeve on purpose: working it up there.  Because: we can't assume that Leavelle did that. Of course not. So, we are left with having to believe that SPONTANEOUSLY that cuff got worked up Leavelle's sleeve.  Are you buying that?

I find it very hard to believe that a cuff could get worked up a sleeve because there is a large prominence on one side that sticks out.

Do you see the prominence? Do you see how it sticks out? Can you see that those cuffs are not going up that guy's sleeves? We can see the prominence on Oswald's cuff too. 

You see the prominence on the right, don't you? Do you see that it's jutting out? That's making the cuff asymmetrical; as in, not round. It's going to keep it from going up anybody's sleeve.  

The images of Jim Leavelle with a handcuff up his sleeve are probably the only ones like it in the world. Let's see my enemies come up with others. I've already done multiple searches. I think it would be very unlikely even if you didn't have the prominence on one side of the cuff. But, you do have the prominence on one side of the cuff. And that means that this is bull shit:

This didn't happen. The cuffs are fake. Oswald's visible cuff is fake and Leavelle's non-visible cuff, suggested by the bulge in the sleeve, is fake. And the whole idea of Leavelle handcuffing himself to Oswald is ridiculous in the first place. It has no purpose. If someone was going to shoot Oswald, his being handcuffed to Leavelle wasn't going to save him or help him. If someone had come up and tried to drag Oswald away, then his being handcuffed to Leavelle would have helped, but was that even a remote possibility? Of course not. This was supposed to be a 20 feet walk to a car. So, what value or purpose was there in that handcuffing? None. Absolutely none. 

In the Beers photo, all we get is this:

That shriveled swirly thing on the left is supposed to be Leavelle's withered forearm and hand. Why does it look like that? Because it's art, and art isn't always good. Sometimes art stinks. And how is there room there for Leavelle's hand and Oswald's two hands? Doesn't it look a bit crowded? It's just more bull shit.

The image below is from the third most famous photo from the Oswald shooting, the Johnston photo. The lines I drew on the left demonstrate how long Leavelle's right arm was. 

So, how could his left arm be so short? It's like he has a child's arm on his left side. Let's hone in:

Oh, that's cute. There is a prominence on Oswald's cuff that's weirdly colored, and it's conveniently going at a right angle to the cuff instead of projecting out from it. Then, Leavelle's cuff is under his sleeve again, and he doesn't have a prominence at all. It's just more bull shit.

In this image from one of the films, we've got Leavelle's fake hand coming over grabbing Oswald. You've got Oswald clasping his hands, where his right hand has got two incredibly long fingers jutting out. And there are no signs of any handcuffs anywhere. 

Repeat: The JFK assassination, including the Oswald assassination, is the most photographically altered event in the history of Man. Nothing else even comes close. The bastards were really working overtime, scrambling, to produce this crap. They worked on so many images, it must have been utter pandemonium in the photo lab. But, what it really comes down to is EVIL. The evil then. The evil now. The evil that never lets up. 

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