Friday, May 12, 2017

You've heard about the "Wink of the Century" when Congressman Albert Thomas winked at LBJ after the swearing-in ceremony on Air Force One. Well, it wasn't just a wink. It was also a smile.

That is a happy face. Here Kennedy's massacred body was still warm, and this guy was winking and smiling. And, Kennedy had come to Texas because of him. He was retiring from Congress, and Kennedy went to Houston to be the guest of honor at his retirement ceremony. The whole Texas trip may not have come off at all if it wasn't for this guy. And here he is winking at LBJ, who went to the blackened soul of the plot. Here they were: two Democrats, working with Republicans like Allen Dulles, Richard Nixon, George Bush, and Nelson Rockefeller to kill a fellow Democrat, John Kennedy. Never say that bipartisanship was not alive and well in America at the time. To me, it is staggering to see this guy winking and smiling just an hour and a half after Kennedy took his last gasping breath.  That's monstrous even for a monster. And that's what they all were who did this: monsters.  

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