Friday, May 26, 2017

It is really quite amazing that anybody, who is an adult, believes that the Dallas Police actually did everything they could to protect Oswald. In that 20 foot walk to the car, Jack Ruby just got the better of them, and there really was nothing they could do about it. 

That's what Jim Leavelle said that very day, that it being a double-action pistol and all, there was nothing anybody could do. In fact, he had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to say that if he had known that Ruby was going to be there that there was nothing he could have done. 

But, that doesn't make any sense because if he knew it was going to happen,  then presumably, he would not have been there with Oswald in the first place, right? What happened when the Chicago plot to kill Kennedy was uncovered? They cancelled his trip there, right? But, Leavelle talked as though he would have walked right into it with Oswald anyway. You can hear him right here; it's from November 24, 1963. Start at the 2 minute mark.

The very idea that Dallas Police were incapable of protecting Oswald is preposterous. If they were so worried that he would be shot, then why announce his transfer at all? What was more important: protecting Oswald or giving media outlets a photo opportunity?  Also, you can hear Leavelle say in that video that it was "almost a solid wall of flesh in front of us and to our left." Then, why was he looking to his right? On the right were police officers and detectives, who presumably were not a threat. So, why didn't Leavelle look to his left? 

There you can see that Ruby was about to pull the trigger, and it would have been about the time that Leavelle claimed to have seen Ruby and jerked on Oswald and then shoved Ruby in the shoulder. All of that, of course, never happened. It was a total, utter lie. 

If the danger to Oswald was so great, enough to amass all those detectives there to protect him, why didn't they put a bullet-proof vest on him? How hard would it have been to do that? How hard was it to think of it? They did it with Terry Nichols.

They did it with the Charleston shooter, Dylann whatshisface.

They did it with John Hinckley.

How stupid do you have to be to actually believe that Dallas Police did everything they could to protect Oswald? They didn't have to do what they did at all. They could have moved him without fanfare in the middle of the night and announced it the next morning. Then, they could have let reporters photograph him at the County Jail. Why was it necessary for them to get pictures of Oswald walking through a garage? What was so special about that? Why really did all the major news organizations in the United States have to be there for that 20 foot walk through a dusty, grimy garage? They could have gotten much more commercially valuable images of him at the County Jail. The press had been shooting Oswald constantly. The very evening before, they were in the hallway as Oswald was brought to Fritz' office, and Oswald had the impulse to go talk personally to a short man in the hallway. It was the only time he did that. The man he talked to was FBI Agent James Bookhout.

And, if anyone doubts that Bookhout was that short, Bookhout himself told us so. He said that after hanging around Fritz' office doing nothing during the jail transfer that when he heard that Oswald was shot, he went down and looked at him in the jail office, and then followed him on the stretcher when they wheeled him out.

Now, Bookhout said he was there. He said he was there. That is exactly where he said he was. That is him. That is the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. And that is the guy that Oswald was talking to in the hall the very night before.

Heaven help us that such evil transpired in our country. And we have been living in darkness and rot ever since. But now, the sanitizing light of the sun is shining on this. And there is NO CHANCE it will ever recede into darkness again. 

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