Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Wizard has identified all these people that Jack Ruby knew. And of course, it also includes an image that is supposedly Jack Ruby himself. However Jack Ruby made it clear that he recognized no one at the bottom of the ramp. The only name he cited of someone he recognized in the garage was Officer Sam Pierce, who was pulling out in a squad car.
It should be obvious to everyone that that guy was not Ruby. Jack Ruby didn't have the catchers mitt face we see there. He certainly wasn't wearing sunglasses. And although some have tried to claim that that man isn't wearing sunglassses, that all of that is shadow, that is ridiculous. If that's shadow, then it's shadow that was added artificially. There is nothing that could have cast such a shadow. But, the point is that the real Jack Ruby must have been there at a time that none of these people we see were there. We know it was before the televised shooting that Ruby was there. And it was most likely the better part of an hour before the televised shooting. And none of these men were there at the time.

We know from Robert Jackson that the reporters and cameramen didn't start pouring into the garage until shortly before 11:20 because Jackson recalled being told that he had 5 minutes to get set up before Oswald would be brought down. He said that they were detained in the press room on the 3rd floor until then. After Jack Ruby was arrested, he was taken up to the 5th floor, and that's where he was at 11:20 when the televised spectacle with James Bookhout took place. How could Jack Ruby be right next to Blackie Harrison, whom he knew, without recognizing him? The answer is that that Jack Ruby was not the real Jack Ruby. Notice that that man is almost as tall as Blackie Harrison, which was certainly not true of Jack Ruby. So, this particular impostor was taller than Jack Ruby. The other impostor, the one who wielded the gun, was James Bookhout, and he was considerably shorter than Jack Ruby. So, you had a tall impostor and a short impostor. But who knows? This tall impostor may have been someone that they decided at the last minute to turn into Jack Ruby by putting the blackness over his eyes, and who knows what else they did to his image.
Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. Jack Ruby was not even in the garage when Oswald got shot. Jack Ruby was already upstairs on the 5th floor, being processed at the time. This was a very elaborate hoax, a scheme of the Dallas Police and the FBI. And it even involved Oswald. They must lied to him and told him that they believed him, that he was innocent, and that they were going to get him out of this, but that they had to feign his death first- for his own protection. So, he went along with it. Then, they scurried him inside, and it probably involved him scurrying inside himself- under the cover of all those curtain cops. You know? The stampeders? It did look like a stampede in there afterwards, didn't it? Yes, it did. That was all for the sake of screening: to create a screen that would completely hide the view. And then once they got Oswald inside, they must have killed him there; knocked him out first with something, and then carefully administered a shot that they knew would be fatal, that doctors couldn't possibly save him from. And then they had to kill enough time for the magic of bleeding to work. They even had the ambulance turn the wrong way on Commerce Street going left instead of right. Traffic was already completely stopped and blocked. There is NO REASON why they couldn't turn right on Commerce and get onto Hardin to go northward to the hospital. Instead, they turned left and went way out of their way, all for the sake of adding dying time to the situation.
Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald. I'll say it again: Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald.

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