Sunday, May 21, 2017

This is as close as the garage shooter came to being put down on the ground, which is to say: he never was. He remained on his feet always. It is the ONLY time in the entire history of police work in which a violent offender was taken somewhere without first cuffing him. "Ruby" was never put down on the ground. People talk about it like it happened, but it never did. Instead, he remained on his feet, and they danced him out of there. And it is an outrageous thing. Didn't he just fatally shoot a man? Didn't he try to get off another shot and kill someone else? That's what Jim Leavelle claimed, that were it not for LC Graves locking the barrel of the revolver that "Ruby" would have killed him. So, a guy like that you don't put in handcuffs right away? You waltz him somewhere first, do you? You wait until you get him inside to handcuff him, do you? Why does anyone want to make excuses for this? This is utterly indefensible. And there is only one thing that explains it: the shooter wasn't Jack Ruby. 

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