Monday, May 15, 2017

Hmmm. This is weird.  First, was Oswald's shirt as flashy as this? I mean the color.

I don't think it was that flashy. So why does it look so flashy? I guess they wanted it to look flashy in the picture. They were working the crowd, trying to grab attention, etc. But, here is another image of it from the Newseum in which it does not look flashy.

Alright, so that takes care of the flashiness. But now, what about the pockets. Compare right to left. Why so different? The one on our right is much more conspicuous. And it can't be because he was shoving packs of cigarettes into it because he wasn't. And there is no basis to claim that he was shoving anything else into it.  But, if you look closely, there seems to be a faint pocket on the other side, our left.

But wait. That's impossible. If a shirt has two pockets, they are going to be identical. Let's go in closer yet.

Shit, is that a pocket or not? It's really hard to tell. Let's look at Oswald's shirt.

Shit, I can't see any pocket at all. Let's try another.

I'm not seeing a pocket there on the right. Let's keep going.

I don't see a pocket there on either side. There is certainly no irrefutable, undeniable evidence of a pocket. If you want to claim to see one in a Rorschach way, I guess you can. But, anybody can see anything Rorschach. But, here's what we know for certain: The prominent left pocket in this Newseum photo is bull shit.

By the way, here is how the Warren Commission pictured the shirt:

Now again:

And again:

 And again:

Can you smell the stink of lies? I smell the stink of blood, myself. The bloodied lie all the time. 

The lie that Oswald killed Kennedy has going down like the Titanic. And there is nothing anybody can do to save it. It is terminal. 

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