Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 7:03:11 PM UTC-7, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> There are plenty of indications that James Bookhout was short: the image of him following Oswald's stretcher as it left the jail office;

So, let me get the straight. You're claiming James Bookhout, dressed like
Jack Ruby, leapt out from the group of reporters in the city hall basement
and shot Oswald. Then after having been mobbed and subdued by the Dallas
Police, and taken away, he then re-appeared a few minutes later and
escorted Oswald's stretcher onto the ambulance in front of the same group
of reporters and policeman that had just watched him shoot Oswald? That
has to be one of the most ridiculous theories I've ever come across. If
you don't see how silly this all is, there's no hope you'll ever get it. 

Ralph Cinque: 

Sparta, you have the essentials right, but no, it is not ridiculous. It is what happened. We never see the Shooter's face in the garage. And the cops were in on it, so they certainly were never going to say anything. And the reporters were carefully selected because they were team players, totally supportive of whatever the government said. 

So, to repeat the good parts of what you said, James Bookhout, dressed like Jack Ruby, did lean out from the line of cops and reporters in the City Hall basement and shoot Oswald. I should add, however, that it was just a blank and that Oswald was shot for real afterwards. So, it was all a ruse. It was a made-for-television spectacle. Then, Bookhout was mobbed by police, who under normal circumstances would certainly have handcuffed him in the garage. But, they didn't. Instead, they herded him out of the garage and into the jail office like a herd of penguins. It's the one and only time in police history that such a thing was done. And once inside they swifted him away but not before taking a picture of him with Detectives Boyd, Sims, and Hall, which we have, and it is definitely not Jack Ruby. 

That is NOT Jack Ruby. That image is consistent with the yearbook images we have of James Bookhout. 

And then, once released, he went down to the jail office and followed Oswald's stretcher out, as he said he did. And he looks nervous there too. 
These are the same guy. The top is pre-release and the bottom is post-release. 

But, the other cops were certainly not going to rat Bookhout out. They were all on it. This was a joint DPD/FBI operation. Bookhout changed his clothes, even his hat, which he wore low.  Again, he does look nervous and uncomfortable, and notice that he is looking down. But, in that circumstance, in that milieu, who was going to think he was the Garage Shooter? If there were any innocent people there at that point, THEIR MINDS WOULDN'T EVEN GO THERE. Not for one second were they even going to contemplate it. The whole thing was deliberately done and photographed and filmed in such a way that Bookhout would not be recognized; not immediately; not later; and not ever. They were wrong about the latter, but they weren't wrong in thinking that most people (like you) would never consider it, not in a million years, because it is outside the limits of their cognition. And guess what, Sparta? Good news. I'm making you famous.   

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