Monday, May 29, 2017

Very high value evidence here from The Wizard. It gives us the complete showing of "Sunglasses Ruby" as the Wizard calls him. And it shows how NBC did the break right between the last frame of Sunglasses Ruby and the start of the Garage Shooter's (James Bookhout) bolt to Oswald. So, we never see the transition. We never see Sunglasses Ruby rush Oswald because he did NOT rush Oswald. A different man, the Garage Shooter, who was James Bookhout, did.  So, they gave us a break and photographic noise to cover that up. The Wizard speaks!

"Ralph, after seeing your recent blogpost, I thought that this might be a good time to note that the moment between the “Sunglasses Ruby” and Garage Shooter apparitions is where the suspicious edit/zoom in the NBC film occurs. You never get to see “Sunglasses Ruby” rush Oswald. In 1963, you had to rotate the face of the TV camera to zoom in, and in the 2003 Gary Mack TV re-enactment, they made a big deal of this to “explain” the edit.  The NBC edit also removed Oswald’s glance to the left- at Bookhout."

Ralph Cinque: It's obvious that they finessed the transition between Sunglasses Ruby (with his ridiculous fake sunglasses, and note that the Garage Shooter had regular reading glasses in his jacket pocket, not sunglasses, and if anyone tries to tell me that that is shadow around his eyes, it is going to get ugly) and the Garage Shooter who was James Bookhout. 

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