Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Beers photo confirms that Oswald was not handcuffed to himself. 

There is no visible handcuff on Oswald's left wrist, and it does not appear to be under his sleeve. Note the shriveled looking forearm of Levealle coming over, but that's fake. It has to be because forearms can't do that. 

Here is the Johnston photo, and we can definitely say that there is no handcuff on Oswald's left wrist.

Remember that Leavelle claimed that he put two sets of handcuffs on Oswald, which means a total of 4 cuffs. So, Oswald should have 2 cuffs on his right wrist and 1 cuff on his left wrist. He obviously has no cuff on his left wrist and only 1 on his right: from what we can see. That is the apparent reality. 

And what it means is that not just one cop, but two cops lied because Graves too said that Oswald was handcuffed to himself. If you were to claim that one cop could be mistaken about a thing like that, that would be irritating. But, to claim that two cops could be mistaken about it; that is just plain insane. So, it means that, without a doubt, Leavelle and Graves lied. So, what does it mean that cops lied? It means that cops were guilty. And in this case, they were guilty of framing Ruby and killing Oswald. 

The order must have come down from the President of the United States himself, Lyndon Johnson, that Oswald had to die; that the country needed it desperately in order to move one, to avoid paralysis and stagnation, and to GET BACK TO WORK. But, that was just the reported reason. The real reason was that if Oswald went to trial, with even moderately competent lawyers, he would have won. I mean: when you're standing outside clasping your hands during the shooting, it pretty much means that you weren't the shooter. And these cops were glad to oblige Lyin' Lyndon because Oswald had supposedly killed one of their own, JD Tippit. The FBI was in on it too since an FBI agent, James Bookhout, played the role of Jack Ruby. So, the order went from Johnson to Hoover to the FBI in Dallas to the Dallas Police. Oswald must die! And all those cops in the basement were in on it. Every single one of them. 

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