Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I have long suspected, and I feel very strongly, that James Altgens and his wife Clara were murdered with carbon monoxide in 1995. That's because the way their deaths were reported was so evasive elusive, and mysterious that it has all the hallmarks of a cover-up. 

In the earliest reports, there was no mention of carbon monoxide. Then, it was mentioned that police suspected that carbon monoxide played a role in their deaths, but it wasn't conclusive. And then, in the end, they seemed to settle on the idea that they both died of natural causes, that is, sickness and old age, but carbon monoxide was the finishing touch. Clara's own nephew made excuses for them dying, saying that Aunt Clara (age 73) had suffered from heart problems and other health problems for some time. Well, what about Uncle Ike? He have any health problems? 

It was said that a police investigation was underway and that autopsies were being performed. And after that: nothing. Not a peep. We never got the results of the autopsies. We never got the results of the police investigation. The story just died. 

People who die of carbon monoxide poisoning get distinctly pink. Were they pink? It was never mentioned. And if a spontaneous malfunction in their home heating equipment caused this, then why wasn't it investigated? Someone was responsible, and someone should have been held responsible. Hundreds of millions of Americans heat their homes with gas. It is by far the most popular way to heat homes because it's the cheapest. So, when someone dies of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is very important to get to the bottom of it- for the sake of everyone else still living who heats with natural gas. But again, the story just died. 

But, there was a JFK-related murder even after that, that of JFK Jr. in 1999. And the point man on that is John Hankey. If you haven't watched his video, you really should:   

The gist of it is that at 9:39, John contacted the tower at Martha's Vineyard. FAA regulations require that a pilot not descend below 2500 feet without contacting the tower, and John did. Then, at 9:40, the plane began its catastrophic plunge into the sea. 

Coast Guard Petty Officer Todd Burgun reported on television that JFK Jr. made contact with the tower at Martha's Vineyard at 9:39. Did I mention it was televised? John Hankey shows the clip. 

So, there is the existence of the television clip, and what Todd Burgun said in the clip is confirmed by radar information from the NTSB that JFK Jr.'s plane did hold at 2500 feet. What was JFK Jr. holding for at 2500 feet other than to talk to the tower, as required by law?  But, the radar info came later, so how did Todd Burgun know it? He must have been told by the air traffic controllers at Martha's Vineyard that JFK Jr. made contact with them at 9:39. 

But, very quickly, Todd Burgun was taken off the case, and so was the entire Coast Guard. The Pentagon took over- not only the investigation but reporting to the media. Now, why would that be? It wasn't a military thing. It was civilian. But, the guy put in charge, Lt. Colonel Steve Roark, said repeatedly that JFK Jr. NEVER made contact with the tower at Martha's Vineyard. 

No mention was ever made of Todd Burgun's report; it was like it never happened. It was disappeared- except it wasn't. 

Then, this Pentagon spokesman, Richard Larrabee, claimed that the first report of JFK's plane being missing came in at 2 AM. 

Jesus Fucking H. Christ! The family expected them at 10 PM. So no one from the family, either family, contacted authorities about the plane being missing until 2 AM? 

In reality, friends of Lauren Bessette contacted the FAA within minutes of the plane's non-appearance.  And shortly after that, the Kennedys contacted the FAA. And the FAA did nothing. 

How could it be that no one reported the plane missing til 2 AM when Senator Ted Kennedy, himself, contacted the FAA at 11 PM?

At 7 AM, Ted Kennedy called Bill Clinton at the White House, and Clinton ordered the Air Force to start searching for the plane. Jesus Fucking H. Christ. It came to that. 

So, the Air Force starts searching over a vast expanse of area, hundreds of square miles. But, they had JFK's radar blip for the whole duration of his flight, so they knew exactly where it went down. 

This is the official N-Tap radar report that they had, showing JFK Jr.'s plane descending, actually getting a little below 2500 feet and then recovering to 2500 where it held to contact the tower. And then it went into an immediate dive, straight down. 

How do you not know from that where the plane is? Plus, there was the ELT, which is the emergency beacon that the plane gives off in a crash that tells you exactly where the plane is within a few feet. So, they had the N-Tap radar and the ELT, and yet, they still didn't know where the plane was? 

The Air Force kept up its circus search, but when a suitcase belonging to Lauren Bessette washed up on the shore of Martha's Vineyard, the Coast Guard, on its own, found the crash site. The battery from the cockpit voice recorder was missing; therefore, there was no audio. 

Carol Ratowell, a Kennedy family friend, said that she was told a flight instructor was on the plane. And John always flew with a flight instructor. John Hankey goes through all the reasons why there was likely a flight instructor onboard the plane. It would have been listed in the flight log, but they never found that either, even though the bag with the flight log was spotted in the retrieved luggage. The right front seat, in which the flight instructor would have been sitting, was missing from the plane. 

They claimed that the fuel selector valve was turned off, depriving the plane of fuel. Even if that was true, the plane was a good glider, so it would not have plunged even with no fuel at all. But, it takes two simultaneous maneuvers to get the valve to the off position, which means that it can't happen by accident. He would have had to deliberately do it. So, what it means is that the official story has it that JFK Jr. committed double murder and suicide. 

John Hankey's theory is that the flight instructor, whoever he was, was a Manchurian candidate who was programmed to plunge the plane into the sea. And I think it is very credible. And what's the alternative? The fuel valve was turned off, so who did it? Are we really supposed to believe that JFK Jr. committed double murder and suicide? Is that supposed to be more credible? 

But, why did they have to kill JFK Jr.? And by "they" I mean the same people who killed JFK Sr. It was not because JFK Jr. was about to run for office. He wasn't. He made it clear that there was NO CHANCE that he would run against Hillary for the Senate seat in New York. And it stands to reason that he wouldn't. He was friends with the Clintons. He, like they, was a Democrat. He wasn't going to trash Hillary to get elected. And since he didn't seem bent on running for the House, it meant that any Senate run for him was years away. 

But, what he was doing was equally threatening, and it concerned his political magazine, George. He interviewed Oliver Stone, a leading JFK conspiracist. He published a controversial article about the assassination of Menachem Begin which alleged conspiracy and a lone nut patsy.  And he was about to cover the civil trial in the Martin Luther King case, which the mainstream media would ignore but which he was NOT going to ignore. 

And reportedly, "George" was a double entendre, that he was telling the world who killed his father, George Bush. Read:

And that makes the killing of JFK Jr. a JFK assassination killing. So, that means, as late as July 1999, they did a JFK assassination killing. 

Have they done any JFK assassination killings in the 21st century? I don't know. Maybe they have; maybe they haven't. But, one thing I have no doubt of whatsoever; that they would kill again and they will again, if necessary, to suppress JFK assassination truth. 

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