Sunday, May 14, 2017

I did this song at the request of my dear sister-in-law Rosie, and I agree with her that it is a very lovely song. It's called Call Me by British songwriter Tony Hatch.  Tony wrote it in 1964 (and note that he is still alive and kicking at 77)  and he intended to offer it to The Drifters.  But, Petula Clark heard about it, and she pleaded with him to let her do it, and he agreed. But then after that, because it's a great song, it was covered by a great many artists, including Frank Sinatra, and it is my opinion that this is yet another song that he sang better than anyone else. Frank gave it a sophisticated, swinging style that really soars. In a word, it is very cool the way he does it. 

But, here is my version of it, for Rosie, and I thank you for listening. 

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