Wednesday, May 31, 2017

John McAdams 
9:18 PM (34 minutes ago)
On 31 May 2017 22:15:09 -0400, Ralph Cinque <>
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I've afraid this is all bogus.  The fellow in North Carolina got drunk
and called the Dallas jail.  Some operator got outgoing and incoming
calls mixed up.


Ralph Cinque:

John, Oswald had both phone numbers memorized. He had them in his head. We have it, in writing, the numbers he gave the DPD switchboard operator.

919 834 7430
919 833 1253

How did Oswald have those two accurate numbers for John Hurt, John? And how come he had them memorized? It's not as though he had his address book with him. He had them in his head. 

We have the handwritten record of the switchboard operator, L. Sweeney, trying to make the calls for Oswald until the cops stopped her. 

The drunken call is a revisionist story. It didn't come out until years later. There is a bogus story involved here, John. You just don't know which one it is. 

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