Monday, May 22, 2017

You can see that Blackie Harrison has got "Ruby" around the torso. So, what happens from here? What comes next? I don't assume that "Ruby" broke free of Blackie's hold. Do you? So, what does Blackie do with "Ruby" from here? Does he actually walk him into the building like that? Why would he do such a thing? "Get out of the way. I'm shoving a man into the building." How could it possibly go like that? How could it go from this to Ruby (somehow) being inside? Shouldn't the struggle have ended right here? Shouldn't Ruby have been permanently restrained right at this point? How could there possibly be any more struggle after this? What, was Jack Ruby Superman? So, he was able to break out of that and keep fighting, keep struggling? What came next? I am asking the people who believe that this was real, what came next? Why did it go on from here? Why didn't the pandemonium settle down right here? The idea that it continued all the way into the building is preposterous. Who is going to defend this shit when I am holding it up to your face, and saying, "For Christ's sake, look at it!" 

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