Thursday, May 18, 2017

This is not Jack Ruby. It is a Ruby impostor. And he was planted at the DPD on Friday afternoon. Think about the implications of it.

Since Ruby was being framed on Friday afternoon, the story of Sunday can't possibly be true. Above, he is being made to seem that he is stalking Oswald, obsessed with him. But, since it's not really Ruby then the story is false. And since the purpose of it was to support the Sunday story, the Sunday story cannot be true. 

The notion that anybody put Ruby up to shooting Oswald is ridiculous, and it is the sign of a very weak and stupid mind. Shooting Oswald in a police garage surrounded by policemen meant certain capture, certain prosecution, and certain conviction. Since it would effectively destroy Jack Ruby's whole life, what could they possibly threaten him with if he didn't do it? What could be worse than destroying one's whole life? Do this or else? Or else what? You're as good as dead anyway if you do it. What could be worse than what happened to Ruby? 

And the idea that he did it because they threatened his sister or someone else is equally ridiculous. The people who say that have watched The Godfather too many times. And I would pose the question to you: if someone ordered you: "kill so-and-so or else we'll kill your sister" are you going to do it? Are you going to kill so-and-so?

Don't listen to the very weak minds who advance this crap. Ruby saw no one one from the Mafia that weekend. And, it wasn't the Mafia who planted a Ruby lookalike at the Dallas Police Department. 

Do you realize that Ruby had Dallas police saying things to him that weekend such as, "Someone ought to be a hero and do the world a favor by pumping Oswald full of lead." It was officers of the law who said that to Jack Ruby. Are you starting to get the picture now about who set him up?

But, they only set him up to take the blame, not to actually do it. They didn't need him for that. They didn't want him for that. They knew he wasn't right in his head, so why would they want him firing a gun in a small, cramped, crowded space that included themselves? 

The fact that Ruby was being framed on Friday afternoon tells us that they made plans long in advance to use Ruby as the patsy when they killed Oswald. Think about how much work it was to find that Ruby double. And no doubt he did a lot of special grooming to get that Ruby look.  How did they even find him? They must have done a painstaking search. They probably started months before November 22. So, apparently, it was decided early-on that Ruby would be the patsy for the Oswald murder. And, it's fascinating that both Oswald and Ruby had doubles.  

The story of Oswald's killing is a complete, total, utter lie, and what they showed us on television was nothing but a staged, theatrical spectacle. They were acting. They were all acting. Do you understand that? It may be that, to this day, the Oswald shooting is the most bizarre piece of "fake news" there ever was. 

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