Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ace Kefford

Oct 17 (12 hours ago)

Re: Proof: Graves followed the ambulance in a police car and lied

- show quoted text -
Graves only come after ambulances when the afflicted person dies.  Which
was the case here with Oswald, so I supposed technically a grave did come
after the Oswald ambulance.  For once we are in agreement. 

Ralph Cinque:

First, there was absolutely no room for Graves in the ambulance, unless he was going to sit on the Bieb's lap. Second, in the NBC footage, you can see Dhority, Leavelle, and the Bieb board the ambulance, in that order, as Graves walks around it. He doesn't get in. Third, a lone police car follows the ambulance out of the PD and leads the ambulance into Parkland which has never been identified or acknowledged. The driver matches the description of Graves. 

But hey, that was a real clever play on words.    

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