Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Idiot Backes has once again spewed more of his imbecility, and it concerns this image.

Backes claims that I said Bart Kamp made it. I said no such thing. I said he came up with it, that he posted it.

Backes said it was uploaded to the internet on Daily Motion. Not so. The version they have is just like the ones on Youtube and doesn't show this.

This is how the doorway looks in the version on Daily Motion. Notice that the figures on the sidewalk next to the doorway are blurry, but they do look human. 

You're seeing bodies there and heads, and you know for sure that it's a cluster of people. But this?

This (below) I could see it just being a blurry film.

But this?

The camera wasn't focused on these people on the sidewalk either, yet they still look human.

But this?

Backes: YOU, born stupid, breathe stupid, move stupid, eat stupid, work stupid, and most of all SPEW totally and completely stupid because you are stupid. 

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