Friday, October 20, 2017

This is my epilogue to my Bart Kamp critique. After reading what he wrote and writing of it I have to wonder Why WHY WHY anyone would think that these two are the same man, just because Bart Kamp came up with it. 

When you consider how different the heights are, how different the body shapes are, how different the hair is (the hair on the right being very unusual the way it's cut and groomed, especially for an FBI agent), why fall in line to endorse a claim made by Bart Kamp, especially when he provided nothing, not one word, about the origin, history, and providence of the image he supposedly found? 

And since then, I have sent both images to Deputy Jim Bookhout, the son of James Bookhout, giving him the opportunity to endorse Kamp's claim of that being his father, and the other image as well of course, and he declined.  And if they think it's because he's anathema to me, then why didn't they write to him themselves? Why didn't Bart Kamp write to Deputy Bookhout and try to get a confirmation from him before claiming that that's his father? Why didn't Denis Morrissette do it before putting the images up all over the web?

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