Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The black man in front and below Oswald has his hand up in front of his face guarding his eyes from the sun right????? This is not Oswald's shirt, right?????? I'm asking. 

Ralph Cinque
No, Paul. That black man is NOT shielding his eyes from the sun, and I don't know why you would think that. That entire image (of the black man) is FAKE. If you check the opening of the Dave Wiegman film, you'll see that black man in his real position, and he was facing the other way, that is west, down the hill. He wasn't turned and looking east, not at that time. That image, the one of him in the Altgens photo, was taken by Phil Willis about 3:00 that afternoon by Phil Willis, and they put it into the Altgens photo. The reason they did it, I believe, is because Oswald's shirt was tattered and torn, which was exposed, and they needed to cover it up because it would have been a dead giveaway that it was him. But, that is Oswald's arm, which is to say, his shirt. Notice that the greyscale is exactly the same as the rest of his shirt. And how could the greyscale of a man's shirt and his naked skin be exactly the same, as would be the case if it was the black guy's arm? They fiddled with it, Paul, precisely to make people like you swallow what they wanted you to swallow.

Here is how I wrote this up on the OIC website:

(7) Finally, we are uncomfortable about the Black Man in Profile, who is right in front of and below Doorman, covering a substantial portion of Doorman's lower torso on his right side, our left. Many people don't see him at all, unless prompted. 


Black Man's height appears to be awfully low compared to Doorman's. It's almost as though he is kneeling or sitting, but we realize he was standing on a lower step. You can see that Black Man's head is partially concealed by the white column, but Doorman was not that close to it. It only looks that way because of Altgens' angle, which is known as "parallax". Black Man had to be on a low step, perhaps the 2nd step, while Doorman was up on the top landing, which accounts for their height difference. However, being on a low step close to the bottom also put Black Man way forward of Doorman. So, why does Doorman's arm appear to be in front of Black Man? It's very weird. Doorman is separated from Black Man in three directions: he is well above him; he is well behind him; and he is well to the east of him. So, how could Doorman get his cuff in front of Black Man's neck?


We are seeing Black Man's face in profile. Below it we see Doorman's sleeve. Below that we see a shamrock-shaped area of whiteness, which presumably is the torso of Black Man. What else could it be? And alongside that is the merger of Doorman's shirt and Black Tie Man's jacket. But, why does Doorman's sleeve seem to be in front of Black Man and dividing his head from his torso? It doesn't make sense, and there is no way to explain it. We think it was fabricated. We suspect that Black Man was pieced in, above and below Doorman's cuff. Carl Jones wasn't even visible to Altgens. The parallax effect of the angle cut him out. He was in the part of the doorway that was excluded from Altgens' view.


So, the image of Carl Jones was pieced in, and we believe we have found the source. There is some post-assassination footage of him by Phil Willis in which Carl Jones is walking down the steps of the TSBD, on the east side of the median handrail, and he has his head turned exactly as it is in the Altgens photo. We think that is where they got the image of Carl Jones to place into the Altgens photo. Take a look. Is it not an uncanny match? 


And, you can also see Carl Jones in the Wiegman film, which was taken at the same time, where he was turned the other way, towards Kennedy, as you can see below. So, during the shooting, he was never turned and looking east; he was only turned and looking west- as you would expect under the circumstances since that's where Kennedy was, and that's where people reported hearing gunfire.


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