Sunday, October 29, 2017

We know who the Penguins were, so we might as well put in their names.

What I don't get is that Blackie Harrison has got the shooter from behind: with both arms. So, how does the shooter go anywhere from there? You can't tell me that, with his brute strength, the shooter dragged Blackie. 

It appears that Blackie Harrison has turned 90 degrees. He is facing the Main Street ramp now. 

Then, it keeps migrating north, and this is the last view we get of the Penguins in the KRLD film. 

After this, it goes blind, where there are people in the way blocking our view. 

That's good old Pierre of "I saw the flash on the black sweater" fame. 

Look how far up the ramp Graves is. I put an arrow to the corner of the cubbyhole. So, he is well past it.  Look how far Graves has traveled. What was the purpose of that? The purpose was to get as far away from Oswald as possible and to get the cameras as far away from Oswald as possible.

After that, it just goes to obstructed views where there is someone's back in front of the camera. And by the time we can see again, it's all over. 

Let's look at it in the Phenix film:

Well, that got cut off right where McMillan is joining the pile, but still it's worth seeing. It certainly shows that Leavelle's claim of taking evasive action in advance is a total lie. And, he never showed the shooter on his shoulder. What happens is that he eventually grabs the shooter around the nape of the neck with his right hand, but that was after Black Harrison had already made contact, and Bookhout was diving into the swarm. But, I think it's amazing that Leavelle was fixated on the shooter at this point when supposedly, he was handcuffed to Oswald. Handcuffed. As in their hands could never be apart, that's Leavelle's left hand and Oswald's right. So, when Oswald did his actions, which were to crumple forward and down, and then veer back, going up on his toes, and then going straight down like a freight elevator at the TSBD, think about the path of his right hand in all of that. Well, that was also the path of Leavelle's left hand, yes? So, how was that not tugging on him? And doesn't one automatically look in the direction that one is being tugged? 

If you watch the NBC footage, you can see Harrison make his turn through 90 degrees and then start pushing up the ramp to get away from Oswald.

You do see Miller come up and put something black over the head of the shooter, but after that, it goes to veil shots, and then to pandemonium shots but with no visibility that matters. 

Eventually, it goes to this:

And, it just gets worse after that. The whole thing is designed around what you can't see and making sure you don't see. For the longest time, you see Bob Jackson with his camera up to his face, but where are all the pictures he didn't take?

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