Sunday, October 29, 2017

Amy Joyce found this in the Document Pile. It is a message to Rankin from none other than J. Edgar Hoover. 

He must have been referring to the Davidson film because it's the only one that continues into the jail office. Hoover pointed out that from the time of Oswald's shooting to where they are inside the jail office showing the clock was 25 and 1/2 seconds. And it was shortly after that that the announcer cites the current time of 11:24. If the shooting occurred at 11:20 (and there seems to be some dispute as to whether it was 11:20 or 11:21) that is 3 or 4 minutes which is a lot longer span of time than the length of the film between those two points. Hoover's explanation is that there is a splice in the film, and therefore a span of time is definitely missing. And that's what I said before I ever saw this. I tried to tell the Idiot Backes that when the jail office part begins, that things have already settled down, and it's much too calm for it to be just a few seconds after the pandemonium in the garage. So, how much time got cut out? I don't know, but even it was just 1 minute, and it could have been longer, it was long enough to scurry Bookhout out of there and get Ruby in position for his cat walk. And also, of course, do whatever they did with and to Oswald. I consider this a very big find, so thank you, Amy Joyce. 

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