Saturday, October 21, 2017

The whole idea that the Dallas Police invented the bus and cab rides is ludicrous and stupid. How could they invent something before talking to Oswald and finding out what he really did? They didn't start talking to him about that until 3:15. So how could they come up with a false story by 4:00, including physical evidence for the false story?

And how could anyone invent the story that came out? That Oswald walked 6 blocks, then took a bus for 2 blocks going back from whence he came; then got off; then walked 6 blocks more to the depot; then got a cab; then offered to give it up to an old woman; then rode the cab and had the cabbie drive 6 blocks past his house and then walk back? Who could invent a story like that?  What, were they screenwriters in their spare time? And who wrote the story? Fritz? I dare say he didn't look like the writing kind. 

Look: it's just stupid; the stupid spewing of stupid people; incredibly stupid people. 

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