Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh My God, what the Wizard has found! I told you, I told you, I told you! RUBY DIDN'T KNOW! He didn't know a thing. He was completely and totally in the dark, about everything, including shooting Oswald. 

This is a letter from him to his brother Earl- after it happened. It was close to the end of his life. And, it wasn't even a public statement. It wasn't something that he thought was ever going to be published. 

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why didn't his stupid lawyers put him on the witness stand so that he could have said this to the jury? 

"Earl, I want you to know I never knew Oswald. I was never involved in any conspiracy and I did not plan to shoot him. After it happened I didn't know what I had done. Oh Earl, how I wish this had never happened."

The whole idea that Ruby killed Oswald for the Mob is complete lunacy. The whole idea that he had any intention of shooting Oswald is complete lunacy. But so is the idea that he shot him because you can tell from reading this that Ruby had no memory of wanting to do it and no memory of doing it. He only believed he did it and accepted that he did because the corrupt, lying Dallas Police told him that he did. 

They framed him, and they knew they could get away with it because they were aware of Jack Ruby's mental state- his impaired mental state.

I've shown you images proving that the Garage Shooter was not physically consistent with Jack Ruby. Nor was the Shooter's clothing consistent, where his socks were different, which led them to come up with the ridiculous and preposterous claim that they changed Jack Ruby's underwear minutes after he shot Oswald. 

Poor Jack Ruby. Like Oswald, he was framed and innocent. But, at least Oswald had his wits about him, and before being killed, he had the chance to profess his innocence, which he did, loudly and vociferously, at least 13 times in earshot of the world, and who knows how many times to police. But, Jack Ruby died confused, deluded, and carrying a burden that wasn't his. If it was possible for anyone to be more wronged than Lee Harvey Oswald, it was Jack Ruby.  


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