Thursday, October 26, 2017

On McAdams' forum, Sparta responded to my post about Danny Aielo playing Jack Ruby and wearing sunglasses to the garage. I pointed out that it must have been based on this image: 

 Sparta tried to justify it by saying that we can see that "Ruby" had sunglasses in his pocket in the Jackson photo. He does not. He has regular eyeglasses in his pocket.
That lens is clear. We are seeing right through it. In addition, the property invoice for Ruby to describe"eyeglasses" but says nothing about sunglasses. 

1 pr. eyeglasses, blk, plastic frames. That's what it says. And, nobody would use the term "eyeglasses" to describe "sunglasses."  But, here's an idea, Sparta: Maybe the sunglasses got mixed up in the "1 set underwear" and went unnoticed. Ya think? 

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