Monday, October 23, 2017

It is absolutely certain that Jack Ruby had no intention of shooting Oswald- even according to the official story. If he intended to shoot Oswald, don't you think he would have showed up on time for the scheduled jail transfer? If he intended to shoot Oswald, don't you think he would have left his dog at home? Ruby bringing his dog along was one of those little details that the plotters never anticipated and by which he, unwittingly, thwarted them. And don't you think that if he planned to shoot Oswald that he would have made arrangements, for his dogs, for his business, and for everything since he knew he wasn't going back to his life? It was really the equivalent of suicide- he lost his whole life. 

And since it is absolutely certain that Jack Ruby did not plan to shoot Oswald, it renders ludicrous the idea of him him being ordered to do it by the Mob or anyone else.

And, it leaves only one thing: that he did it suddenly and impulsively and compulsively; that he just went berserk. 

But, there are problems with that too. According to Dallas Police, Ruby immediately started talking like a badass, saying that he hopes the son of a bitch dies, that he wishes he could have shot him again, that he did them all a favor, etc. But, it makes no sense for Ruby to say those things if he acted out of control and without deliberation. If he did it without planning, then he had to be as shocked as everyone else that he did it. And in such a state of shock, he wouldn't be shlepping bravado and saying those things. You've got to realize something: the man had a life. And in that one brazen act, he (supposedly) destroyed every bit of that life. Again: he might as well have just plain killed himself. So, once he came out of the "psychomotor epileptic" state that his lawyers said he was in, wouldn't he be reflecting on the fact that he not only killed a man but he destroyed every single thing in his life, that he was NEVER ever going back to his life, that he had lost everything-every single thing in his life. 

Jack Ruby enjoyed his life. He enjoyed running his business. He enjoyed being a semi-celebrity in Dallas, known and recognized by many people. He enjoyed acting like a big shot. He enjoyed being a friend of the Dallas Police and being treated like a friend by them. He was very close with his family, especially his siblings. And it's not crystal clear to me to what extent he was still involved in the gun-running to Cuba in 1963, but it's something he had been doing for at least 10 years, and I don't doubt that it was another aspect of his life that was important to him. And although he didn't have a wife or a steady girlfriend at the time, he would take trips and bring along a female companion, and there is every reason to think that he enjoyed women. 

So, looking at it all-together, he had a heck of a life, and when he came out of the mental break that caused him to go berserk and shoot Oswald. his first thought must have been that he just destroyed his own life- everything that he held near and dear. So, who is going to start brandishing bravado at a time like that?

Now, here are some things that Ruby could have done and figured that it wasn't him. First, study the images, and I mean critically. For instance, when he saw that the shooter shot with his middle finger, he could have asked himself, "Is that anything I would have done?"

Doesn't everybody pull the trigger with his index finger? And especially in a situation where he acted compulsively and without thinking, wouldn't he just do it the natural way? The pistol was designed to be shot with the index finger. There is no place to put the index finger if you don't shoot with it. If you leave it along the cylinder, it will be exposed to all the hot gases blasting out of the cylinder gap. 

He could look at the Beers photo. Did Ruby stash his glasses in his left coat pocket?

Ruby walked from the WU office to the Main Street ramp, and it was a 2 minute walk. Somebody timed it. Personally, I don't see him doing it with his glasses in that pocket, where they seem to be dangling. Jackets have inner breast pockets; that's standard. Doesn't it seem like he would put it there? I've been looking for images of Jack Ruby in a jacket to see if any show glasses kept in his jacket left pocket and have found none. I have found only one image of Jack Ruby wearing glasses, and that's the one at the Midnight Press Conference, and the Wizard and I are not completely sure that's him. There is this photo of him conferring with his lawyers.

I think that's a pen in Ruby's pocket there. There are simply no other images of him like this:

Here's a court-related image. No glasses in the jacket left pocket.

Considering how shallow that pocket was and how exposed the glasses were, and the fact that Ruby would not be needing them to walk to the ramp, I should think he would have put them somewhere more secure. He would have known if he had the practice of walking around with his glasses there, but again, I can find no other images of Jack Ruby doing it. Jack Ruby would know if he ever wore such light socks with such dark shoes and dark pants. And I'll mention again, as I have many times, that he would know if he ever wore his hair so long in back.

There are plenty more, and there are just no images of him storing glasses like that.


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