Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Getting back to the Oswald killing, so there were, supposedly, two improprieties that happened in a very short span of time that are outside the norms of civilized behavior and human decency. The first was Leavelle putting his hand in Oswald's pants, and the second was stripping Jack Ruby down to his underwear.

I doubt you can find any other case in the history of jurisprudence that a police officer handled a prisoner by putting his hand in his pants; by grabbing him there. It happened in the garage of the Dallas Police Department on November 24, 1963 and at no other time in the history of police work.  

Amy Joyce found out from reading the record that Ruby was kept in just his underwear for a protracted length of time, where they were interviewing him on the 5th floor in his underwear. 

And keep in mind that most people wouldn't stand for it. We wouldn't be having this discussion if it concerned a woman. They wouldn't dream of doing it to a woman. What woman would stand for it? And, she would have a harassment and abuse case from it for sure, wouldn't she? 

But, the fact is that no normal man would stand for it either; letting police interrogate him in his drawers. Would you? He would demand to put his pants on before he answered anything. But, Jack Ruby was NOT a normal man. Do you know what the word "submissive" means? Well, Jack Ruby was submissive to the Dallas Police, and to the extreme. Only Jack Ruby could be kept in his drawers during questioning without complaining, without demanding his pants. No one else in the great wide world. 

But then, supposedly, it got worse: they demanded that he remove his drawers. It is in the official record that they confiscated Jack Ruby's underwear, and that they expect us to believe it is truly an unspeakable outrage. 

1 set underwear. 1 set underwear. 1 set underwear. Just try to imagine how that went down.

Jailer: Jack, I know you're only in your underwear as we've been talking here, but now I need you to take them off.  

Jack Ruby: What?

Jailer: Department policy. We put all prisoners in jail-issued underwear. As a prisoner, you can't wear your own underwear here. You have to wear ours.  

Jack Ruby: So, I shoot Oswald, and immediately, you want from me my underwear? 

Jailer: That's right. 

Jack Ruby: Did you make Oswald do this after he shot Kennedy?

Jailer: That was different.

Jack Ruby: How so? 

Jailer: We made an exception in his case, but not in yours.  

Jack Ruby: You're serious?

Jailer: Jack: either you take them off, or we'll take them off.

Jack Ruby: (Gulp) You want that I whip them off right now in front of you?

Jailer: I guess we can have you go into the bathroom to do it.

Jack Ruby: You want to give me the replacement pair, or do you want me to go Hemingway? 

Jailer: Oh, right. Wait a second. (he goes and gets underwear) You can put these on. The bathroom is right over there. (he points)

Ruby: (returns from bathroom, soiled drawers in hand) What do you want me to do with these?

Jailer: I'll take them. 

Ruby: You want me to just give them to you? 

Jailer: Hand them over, Jack. 

It's ridiculous, and what is more outrageous is that the unholy bastards expect us to believe it. The JFK world is the Bizarro World. They will heap whatever outrageous story they have to on us to keep the lie going that Oswald killed Kennedy and Ruby killed Oswald, neither one of which is true.   

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