Monday, October 30, 2017

Interesting letter here from the Wizard:


I am in the middle of watching the slightly demented 1992 movie "Ruby", something I have put off for months, apart from examining its portrayal of the shooting. I'm sure you recall their attempt, in the movie, to explain the rogue microphone by having a TV sound boom guy carrying a portable mic on a long extension.

It might be just a co-incidence, but in this film Ruby's CIA contact is called "Proby", which sounds eerily similar to Oswald's frustrated remark to Bookhout in the hallway: "What have you got against Proby?" ??

The script was written by Stephen Davis, who based it on his play "Love Field" and who also wrote the script for "Double Image"/"Yuri Nosenko KGB". I am not aware of any real life CIA agent called Proby, and "Ruby" is a bizarre mixture of fact and fiction, probably designed to "top up" the nursery rhyme that "Ruby killed Oswald", but who knows...?

Davis, a Cambridge university graduate, was also responsible for the movie "The Long Good Friday", which portrayed the IRA in a gangland/organised crime context. "Double Image" reflected the view of the CIA faction that regarded Nosenko as a false defector who used his implausible story of the KGB's total lack of interest in Oswald to exploit the US establishment's adherence to the Lone Nut story to stir up trouble.

I don't expect a lot from the released files, other than a few things that escaped the censor. I did, however, expect some dubious documents that would provide an excuse for "Castro did it" speculation in the press. I have seen  a couple of those already.


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