Thursday, October 19, 2017

Part 1 on Kamp:

The Prayermanites are wrong about just about everything, but it's worse than that. They're not even honest. This paper is about Bart Kamp and his ridiculous claim that the 2nd floor lunch room encounter between Oswald, Baker, and Truly never happened, but first, let me show you what he and the Prayermanites did: 

They admit that Shelley and Lovelady can be seen walking down the street in the Couch film.

But notice that Lovelady is wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

Do you, or do you not, see bare skin below the sleeve, both above and below his elbow? But, this is how Kamp and his Prayermanite cronies presented the image on their website:

That's their attempt to convert a short-sleeved shirt into a long-sleeved one. You see, they claim that he, Lovelady, is the Man in the Doorway, as seen in the Altgens photo, who is obviously wearing a long-sleeved shirt, so they had to give Lovelady one. But, Lovelady wore a short-sleeved shirt that day, as he told the FBI, who put it in writing: twice.

On the left is Billy Lovelady on 2/29/64 posing in the clothes he wore on 11/22/63 for the FBI. They even sprawled his shirt open like the Altgens Doorman, not realizing that the sleeves alone rule him out to be Doorman. Sometimes, people don't see what's right before their very eyes, and that happened here. 

But, the point is that the Prayermanites are lying, cheating, manipulating, and even photo-altering scumbags, and this is an example if their chicanery. And now, let's take a close look at Kamp's ridiculous paper on the lunch room encounter. Call this Part 1. 

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