Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bart Kamp, the British Prayermanite who came up with this bogus image of James Bookhout

has found a new never before seen image, and that is: the Towner doorway.

On all the Youtube showings of the Towner film, and not just on Youtube but all of them, the Towner doorway shows up practically black.

Here it is on Daily Motion which is not Youtube:


But, Bart Kamp came up with this frame of the Towner doorway, which I am seeing for the first time. 

Notice that the ceiling light is way off-center-for some reason. even though it seems to be a pretty direct, facing shot. But notice otherwise, that what we are seeing is complete utter noise. There is nothing here that is discernible. It appears to be the most crowded of the doorways. But, we don't see anyone that we can identify nor anything that we can correlate with any other doorway. Not with the Altgens doorway:

Not the Wiegman doorway:

Not the Hughes doorway:

 So, where did Bart Kamp get this, and why don't those figures appear in the other renderings online?

If Bart Kamp thinks that this settles the matter, and makes everything all right with the Towner film, then he is even more deluded than I thought. And I always thought he was very deluded. He has to be since he thinks that these are one and the same guy:

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