Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Here's a refreshing development. There is a Brian Doyle who lampoons the ridiculous Prayer Man hypothesis as much as I do. And, he has had run-ins with Bart Kamp, as I have. And, he is of the view that Prayer Man is actually Prayer Woman, and he even thinks he knows who she was. I am going to post the comment he wrote on my post about Prayer Man, and I have already thanked him.

Brian Doyle I signed-up because I saw Bart Kamp was mocking myself and Richard Gilbride as "talking to ourselves" on this page...I am the JFK research community's debunker of Mr Kamp's fraudulent "Prayer Man" theory where he says Oswald was a shadowy figure all the way to the left in the Darnell film in the Depository portal...I figured out a geometric triangulation formula that proved the Prayer Man figure was 5 foot 5 or 6 inches tall and could not be the 5 foot 9 Oswald...A year later digital photo analyst Chris Davidson enhanced a clear frame from the Wiegman film bringing out the clearly visible face of a woman on Prayer Man and therefore debunking the Murphy theory on which it was based...Bart Kamp has committed himself to being the main proponent of the Murphy Prayer Man theory and is trying to attain fame through it...ROKC member Stan Dane even wrote a book about it...Kamp has made a You-Tube video...These characters refuse to recognize the clear evidence seen in the Davidson enhancement because it destroys their bogus theory...The final dagger in the heart for Murphy's theory was Buell Frazier's 6th Floor Museum interview in 2013 where he clearly detailed that when Gloria Calvery ran up shouting he couldn't hear her so he turned to "Sarah" and asked her what Calvery said. Sarah told Frazier "I think she said the president has been shot"...A look at the infamous Darnell frame upon which the theory is based shows Frazier facing and talking to Prayer Man at that exact moment...End of story...Even with all this evidence Kamp is accusing me of not considering all the other evidence (ie: twisted distortions and deceptive interpretations of evidence) and trying to force my one small piece of evidence against the rest. The one piece of evidence happens to be a photo that clearly shows the face of Sarah Stanton looking back at you from Prayer Man...https://www.facebook.com/Prayer-Woman-1648957192079151/
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Ralph Cinque Brian Doyle, we don't know each other, and I don't know if we share any other views, but we certainly share the view that the Prayer Man hypothesis is completely and totally bogus. And I am going to take the liberty of posting what you wrote on my blog. Thank you.

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