Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Dallas Police should have handcuffed the Garage Shooter in the garage. He had just shot a man and tried to shoot again. Didn't Jim Leavelle say that had his partner LC Graves not locked the barrel of the gun, keeping it from turning, that he'd probably be dead? But, the Shooter could have had another pistol, say, in his pocket. The only way to insure that he would not inflict more violence on anyone was to cuff him.

And there is no excuse that they didn't. And the very fact that they acted in concert to drag him into the jail office through that side door WITHOUT A WORD BEING SAID, without an instruction being given, tells you that it was pre-arranged, that they knew in advance that they were going to be doing it. 

The idea that all these cops would AUTOMATICALLY start dragging this guy into the jail office is ridiculous. Wouldn't SOMEBODY have had the idea of handcuffing him in the garage?  

I'm telling you: it was a RUSE. I'm not suggesting that it was a ruse. I'm not asking you to consider that it was a RUSE. I'm telling you to pry open your deluded mind and see that it was a ruse. Here you see Detective McMillan nodding right before it went down. 

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