Thursday, October 26, 2017

Guess who has become a JFK truther? Dick Morris. He's the former political strategist to Bill Clinton and is credited with getting him reelected in 1996. And, he is a very articulate guy too, Morris is. He's got several JFK truth videos up on Youtube. This is amazing because after he fell from grace with Clinton, he became a pundit on Fox News and a regular on The O'Reilly Factor, apparently on Bill's choice. But, O'Reilly, as you know, is the author of a very successful book on the JFK assassination which touted the official story. So, he can't be happy with what Morris is saying now about JFK, if he is aware of it.   

But, unfortunately, Morris is not as well informed as he thinks he is. He acknowledged the fraud that was the Warren Commission but spoke glowingly of the HSCA, as if it was the answer to it. But, the HSCA was just Warren Commission II. He pointed to their big finding of a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll. Dick, they were just throwing the conspiracy community a bone. They knew that if they endorsed everything the WC said they would have been denounced as another whitewash. So, they came up with their own story that Oswald and the other shooter, who was no good at shooting but damn good at escaping, were working for the Mafia, a preposterous tale. He spoke of Oswald's Mafia connections, but I don't know that the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame had any Mafia connections. 

But, Morris went on to say that it's possible that Oswald was not a shooter at all, and that is certainly appreciated. 

Morris is completely in the dark about Jack Ruby, believing, as most people do, that he shot Oswald, and attributing it to his extensive Mob connections, that the Mob put him up to it. But, it is totally ridiculous. Ruby was not connected to the Mob at all in Dallas (if there was one) nor to the Mob in Chicago (which is usually touted) He had connections to the Mob in Louisiana and Florida, but only in regard to his gun-running to Cuba. And, his main connection was to the CIA. Morris is totally in the dark about Jack Ruby.  

I like what Morris said about LBJ, admitting that, before the assassination, LBJ was in deep trouble, facing two investigations, either of which could have landed him in prison, and the humiliation of being dropped from the ticket in 1964. With the assassination, all of LBJ's troubles disappeared; the investigations dissolved. Who gave the order? But, Morris also emphasized that LBJ had very close ties with the Dallas Police Department. You recall that recently, Amy Joyce found images of Detectives Boyd and Sims doing security for Johnson on a trip to Dallas. 

Morris also covered Earl Warren. We have all heard the story that Warren was determined and pre-determined to find for Oswald's sole guilt because otherwise it could mean war with the Soviet Union, but Morris said there was more to it than that. He said that Warren knew that if Americans thought the assassination was a conspiracy connected with the U.S. government, "it could imperil our stability, imperil out ability to function as a country, and imperil our democracy. It could have literally sparked a revolution or a civil war."

Wow. I get it, but I'm wondering: did Earl Warren really think it was a conspiracy within the government that got JFK killed, and did he decide to bury it to preserve the peace and tranquility, while knowing that as a result, monsters would reign? That may describe what Robert Kennedy did too, except that he intended to take the White House back himself. I wonder when he first decided to run for President. Well, who knows, he may have already decided to run for President in 1968- after his brother's second term.  But, I wonder if he considered running against Johnson in 1964. I wonder if he gave it any thought at all. If he did, I don't think he would have done it on the basis of calling Johnson a killer. Might he have won? Of course. Would they have killed him? Well, it would have been harder. The closeness in time to JFK would have made it highly suspicious if another "lone nut" just happened to come along so soon. 

I am going to try to get a message to Dick Morris about Jack Ruby, and I hope his mind isn't rigid.  

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